【Review】關於學術寫作About academic writing


As a specific genre, academic writing has its special demand and context. Considering about what I have learned about academic writing this semester, it could be divided into two aspects.

On the one hand, in terms of form, I have learned that academic writing has several special features, such as the use of sources and the choice of vocabularies. According to the source, I have known how to use the software “endnote” to help me arrange the references in the right style “APA 5th”. Moreover, regarding to the academic word choice, practicing several academic word exercises on the website teacher provided has become my everyday routine and it is really useful.

On the other hand, in terms of meaning, I have understood the standard to select the credible sources. To be precise, I am more experienced in referring to some famous journals in our major (e.g., ELT Journal) to write my assignments. Besides, another imperative issue is to interpret the writing expectations. Doing the context analysis before starting writing is what I have learned to do, and it is functional to help achieve the purpose of the task.

To conclude, even though there are still many expectations I need to achieve, such as being more proficient at paraphrasing and employing  academic vocabularies, I trust that, with more practices, the essays I write could be better and better in the future.