【OZ Legend14】雪梨China Town表演變臉經驗分享(face-changing)

寒假時在雪梨China Town 的皇冠酒店順利表演變臉戲法。

是良師益友Antony介紹的活動,主題是澳大利亞中藥行業聯合會的年度聚會(inaugural ceremony),在座有許多都是有頭有臉的大人物,除了中藥行業聯合會會長,還有許多其他團體的會長、博士、醫生,現場觀眾約 300人左右,各國人都有,像個小聯合國,挺有趣。




想到人在台灣的個人專屬行政秘書-我六十歲的母親,當初頂著老花眼幫我把表演道具和服裝裝箱書寫郵寄,辛苦她,也感謝她始終支持著我的決定,也支持我做喜歡的事。除了表演的成就感,在這過程中,我相信真正最有價值的,是藉由這經驗,體驗邁向卓越以及互助合作的精神。如同在「從A到A+」一書的作者Collins在書中問到一位體育教練為何寧願頂著名校MBA,不去大公司作企管顧問,寧願屈身於某高中教授田徑,並且帶領社員們拿下跨州田徑賽冠軍,這位教練說到:「it’s because I really care about what we’re doing. I believe in running and the impact it can make on these kids’ lives. I want them to have a great experience, and to have the experience of being part of some- thing absolutely first class.” 」看到這個故事時,就在想若能在某個領域做到卓越,應該會是很特別很有意義的一件事。而從我一踏上澳洲,應該也就成為澳洲最棒的變臉表演者,因為找不到其他在澳洲表演變臉的人呵。

一直喜歡帶給大家驚奇與歡樂,有機會促進促進中西文化交流也不錯。This is one of the best experience I have in Australia. 也希望課餘之時,能多些表演機會囉!


My face-changing show in Sydney

Recently, I have a face-changing show in Sydney. It was introduced by a friend Anthony who is the honor president of the lions of Sydney Chinese Incorporated(Inc,). Thanks his introduction. There are about 300 audiences there. They are quiet passionate. It is an inaugural ceremony. Some locals told me that the show is amazing. I am glad that they like this kind of Eastern cultural performance. After the show, I celebrate the success with my beautiful assistants. It is a special and interesting experience and I hope to have more gigs to bring people happiness and improve the interaction of Eastern and Western cultures more.

BTW, these are some feedbacks given by the audiences. They are really good audiences:

“Thomas is one of the few magicians who dare to perform just a few inches from you. I have never seen such an impeccable “face changing” show in such a close range. He gets audiences involved without pre arrangement and makes people hold their breath and wide shut their eyes. In short, Thomas is magical in turning a monotonous function party into a real entertaining night.” ~Reid Zhu, Australian Chinese Radio

“Your show was fantastic! Especially the Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Show, what a wonderful show you put on. It was well organized and fully demonstrated the beauty of the Chinese culture. Thank you so much.”~Shi Zong Zeng, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia LTD

“Awesome! We have expected for this for a long time.”~Max Ma, Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia