【OZ Legend13】挑戰雪梨大學電梯簡報演講比賽(elevator pitch/speech competition)

周一時參加了雪梨大學辦的演講比賽,正確來說是電梯簡報(elevator pitch*),也就是想像你有一個很棒的商業計劃很想實現,然後假設你想法設法混進微軟公司,在電梯裡剛好運氣太好被你遇到彼爾蓋茲先生(又或者你一直賴在電梯終於被你堵到他),因為他隨時會離開電梯,你只有60秒的時間可以向他推銷你的構想,你會如何推銷?


現場一共有12位參賽者,辦在學校的Manning Bar酒吧,基本上比較像一場Comedy競賽,有研究生很嚴肅地簡報,也有酒鬼在一旁喝酒醉醺醺地也跑來參賽,也有像雙口相聲的一搭一唱雙人參賽隊伍,而我應該是打扮最奇怪的一個參賽者。





事前寫email詢問主辦單位是否可以穿奇裝異服,主辦者正妹Julia回信:「you definitely can!」,哈!




Doing one thing everyday that scares you is really a good way to feel you are alive and kicking.


附上我在參賽前半小時寫的草稿,enjoy it:

Hi, my name is Thomas Lin. Well, as you can see, I bring a mysterious product here. I trust that this professional entertainment can be the easiest way to have an impressive function guaranteed. It is called “Sichuan opera face changing show”or” Bian-Lian” in Mandarin. I am the best face- changing performer in Australia and I can change up to 10 masks in a 5- minutes show. The objective of this product is to provide audiences a mysterious and amazing visual experience.

This show can serve Corporate events, birthday parties,Weddings, Conferences, Private events,Business functions,And much more other party, event or function.

Typically, for magic show. Here, the price for each magic show is from 200 to 2000 dollars per hour. Thus, I would say the market is quiet big and have quiet potential.

I have worked in entertainment company in Taiwan for 5years and also performed for more than 100gigs before. In fact, this is not only a show. It also a good way to manifest the multi-cultural tradition in Australia. And I want to bridge the gap between different cultures. This show has existed for more than 1000 years. Thus, each mask has its story and it is full of cultural meanings within it.

I can even customized a special mask if the client want. For example, a Spiderman. This can cater to different client’s need. Basically, in Australia, there is not other competition now. Thus, I would say we have a good chance and I want to have other partners to help me do marketing. Anyway, this is the easiest way to have an impressive function guaranteed. That’s all. Thank you. Any question?

*維基百科對電梯簡報的簡介:An elevator pitch or elevator speech is an overview of a product, service, person, group or organization, or project and is often a part of a fundraising, marketing communications, brand, or public relations program.