Recently, I became a student again after worked for several years. I am lucky- not everyone can have the chance to be a postgraduate. Meanwhile, I find that it is a little bit difficult for an international student to adapt himself quickly to academic life.

Not only because he needs to deal with many other things at the same time- finding an accommodation, knowing the public transportation , adjusting his biological clock- but also because he needs to cultivate the ability about academic reading and writing to graduate successfully.

Take myself for example, there are several challenges I am confronted with and need to be conquered. Firstly, each unit has a large number of texts and references need to be read. Hence, I have to train my reading speed to skim and scan in the most efficient way. On the other hand, after reading several references, I figured I had better learn more about academic rhetoric like vocabularies and phrases to write the assignments in the right style. For instance, to start using phrases such as tentative conclusions and “seem to indicate” rather than “prove” and “it is obvious”.

To conclude, just like the old slang: “practice makes the best.” I am glad that I choose this course and have plenty of chances to practice writing in academic settings. At the same time, I eagerly anticipated the day I can write all the assignments with clear thoughts and beautiful words.