【Diary】我愛寫作My writing history

In the history of humanity, writing skill is an important milestone. Because of this skill, we may keep our memories for a longer time and pass down our wisdom to the next generation. In somewhat level, that is why we may enjoy the high-technology in our lives. Moreover, it is a good tool to help us express our emotion, such as love letters. Besides, it can also be an entertainment when one writes something interesting. Based on this, I love writing.

My first time to write numerous articles was when I studied in university. At that time, I loved to read novels and poets. Based on this interest, I want to try to write my own articles. Hence I took some courses about writing and found them fascinating and interesting later. Because I am so addicted to writing at that time, I even tried to submit some of my articles to newspapers and competitions. I am lucky- some of them were adopted and posted in the newspapers and I even won some rewards in several competitions. Even though the rewards were not a really big number, they give me encouragement and contribute to my motivation about writing.

After I graduated from college, I went to the military to fulfill my obligation as being a soldier for two years. Living in an army is really boring and cooperating with bad-tempered senior official exhausted me. At that time, writing is my best entertainment to help me unleash bad feeling and lead me to escape to another world. I kept submitting my articles to some competitions at that moment and some of them really won the prizes. To accept the prizes on the stage was the happiest time when I was a soldier. Some of my articles were even published at that time and I still keep the publications until now.

After I finished my obligation of being a soldier, I kept the habit of writing. Even though I am quiet busy in working later, when I have time I still write something on my blog. Writing down the interesting things happened in life helps me to memorize them.

On the other hand, although I am quiet experienced about writing in Chinese, as writing in English I am just a fresh man. There are many different things when we compare them. For instance, writing in Chinese used to be indirect when writing in English we need to pay more attention to make it direct and logical. Moreover, when we concerning about academic writing in English, there are more rules we need to follow. For instance, to start using phrases such as tentative conclusions and “seem to indicate” rather than “prove” and “it is obvious”.

To conclude, just like the old slang: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Although there is a long way I need to go to write academic writing in English well, I am not worried because I have the passion about writing and will do it step by step.