【OZ Legend 17】墨爾本手作電影“成長的旅程”(The Journey of Growing a Business)

The film is made for the Sydney University Genesis Business Plan competition. Enjoy it.



The poem I wrote for the film:

The journey of growing a business

Growing a business.

It’s just like a tour.

You are the traveler.

In the business world, you want to discover.

You find something you love.

You go ahead without fear.

Sometimes you need to leave who you love.

You may feel alone.

But you know they are always there.

Sometimes you feel busy.

You stop watching TV and start to open your door.

Sometimes you get lost.

But getting lost will help you find yourself.

Sometimes you feel like you can fly.

But finally you find you still stand on the floor.

Sometimes you may look strange.

That’s because you want to share.

Share your passion with others.

Sometimes you get confused.

Maybe it’s just the time to ask “Does this path have a heart?”

Sometimes you feel you make too many errors.

But it just requires more endeavor.

You know you are not just a gambler.

You are a traveler.

Growing a business.

It’s just like a tour.

We use royalty free music and all materials are shot by ourselves.
Please feel free to leave a message if there is any question about the film.

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Enjoy the journal~